Some Things I’ve Built

Here are a few design projects I've worked on recently.


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    Iconat: NPM Package

    Simplify your development with our diverse collection of icons.



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    Azan: Pray on Time

    The app helps you in maintaining your prayers with many features.

    React-Native - React Navigation - Expo - Tailwind

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    Serverless-stack Notes App

    Notes app using serverless and react on AWS.

    React.Js - AWS Lambda - API Gateway - DynamoDB - Cognito


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    Handy Store - MERN stack - inDevelopment

    Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts.

    HTML - TailwindCSS - React.Js - Sass - MongoDB - Paypal

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    Mini Shopify Store

    A simple Ecommerce website with Shopify API, Tailwind UI, and Next.js.

    React.Js - Next.js - GraphQL - Shopify-API - TailwindCSS - HeadlessUI

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    Chat App

    Simple chat app to create chat rooms with your friends.

    HTML - CSS - NodeJS - JavaScript -

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    WeatherApp - RN

    Simple Weather App provides the user with important weather information.

    React Native - Expo - Weather API

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    GossipApp (ChatApp)

    Stay connected with your friends. Just add your friend's Gmail and chat.

    HTML - Styled Components - React.Js - Next.Js - Firebase

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    Expensify App

    Get your expenses under control.

    HTML - Sass - JavaScript - React.Js - Redux - Firebase

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    Indecision App

    Let the computer guide you choose one for your added todos.

    HTML - Sass - JavaScript - React.Js

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    To-do App

    A simple todo app to help you what you want to do.

    HTML - CSS - JavaScript

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    Notes App

    A simple notes app to help you never forget what to do.

    HTML - CSS - JavaScript

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    Weather App

    Simple app for weather info. with search feature for your city.

    HTML - CSS - JavaScript - NodeJS